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Guaranteed coverage on FOX, ABC & USA Today for only $197 - or your money back.

Guaranteed coverage

Guaranteed coverage on FOX, ABC & USA Today - or your money back!We have a 98% success rate with being published.

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Boost conversion rates! - The 'as seen on' logo provides 'perceived authority', boosting credibility and in turn, conversion rates.

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You tell us what you would like your article to be about, and then we go and write it for you!


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We contact our sources in the industry and get you posted.


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Coverage Includes

Your article will be published to affiliates of FOX, ABC, USA Today and over 200 others.International, national, regional and local newspapers. Financial feeds. Industry news sites. Every news source imaginable. Each site will link to your website from your article, this is great for SEO.



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Are there any topics / businesses that are not accepted?

We can not accept articles about offensive, objectionable, or illegal subject matter. Guns, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, legal cases, negative press, loans, multi-level marketing, dating sites, 3rd party companies, and more. Please read this full list of banned topics:- No negative news about any 3rd party person, company, government, country, religion, or race.- No Crypto- No Forex trading- No Dating apps or websites- No Adult and Sex (even the word 'sex')- No Sexual reproductive health- No Guns / Weapons- No Alcohol- No Illicit Drugs- No Marijuana, CBD or Hemp (including Cannabis or Legal CBD)- No Tobacco / Vaping- No Cosmetic procedures and body modification (i.e. Plastic Surgery)- No Job discrimination by race or gender- No Money making scams / MLM- No Online gambling- No Loans, cash advances, nor any lending- No Credit repair / debt settlement / debt management / credit health- No Legal cases / litigation- No Articles containing illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party, such as kidnapping, torture, etc- No Buying likes followers and views for social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc- No Affiliate marketing links or Hoplinks- No Phone unlock / phone jailbreaking content- No Weight loss products- No Websites flagged as potential malware threats- No Articles related to Bail Bonds- No Hiring / auditioning for fashion models- No Content related to Live streaming or broadcasting- No Content related to COVID-19 testing kits- No lingerie

Will I be published on the main website of FOX, USA Today, ESPN & ABC etc?

You won't be published to the main website (for example as those are reserved for national headline news. But you will be published to local affiliates such as FOX 21, FOX 34 etc which are the official sites for the TV stations. For example, FOX 34 is for channel 34 in a specific city and is part of the FOX news network. It's similar to getting published in a local newspaper.We also get you published on Financial feeds belonging to the above affiliated websites.

How is my payment information secured?

For Paypal, you are directed to the PayPal website so payment information doesn't go through us at all. For credit cards, we use Stripe as the payment processor. Stripe is well-regarded in the payment process industry and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.Stripe and Brand Featured forces HTTPS to ensure your payment data is transmitted safely. HTTPS encrypts your information and verifies the integrity of traffic between your browser and the destination server.We not do store your payment information on our servers. All information is sent to Stripe, which is then encrypted on disk with AES-256. Brand Featured is given a unique identification key which is how we reference to your payment information when requesting charges with Stripe.More information on Stripe's security practices can be found on their website. Third-party information on Stripe can be found on its Wikipedia page.

Which sites will my article get published to exactly?

Fox 21, USA Today AZ Central FOX 40, Fox 34, ESPN Sports Radio 680 The Fan, ABC 107.7 The Lake, Tulsa CW, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Daily Herald, Times Record, The Punxsutawney Spirit, The Inyo Register, The Chronicle Journal, 1007 The Score, Doublet 973, 93.7 The Eagle, The Drive 929, Talk 1170 Radio, K-Hits 1069, HTV 10, News on 6, 2 News, 98.5 KVOO, News 9, Big Country 99.5, Lubbock CW, Magic 106.5, My Lubbock TV, NCN News Central, NCN News Omaha & Lincoln, NCN News Mid Plains, NCN News Northeast Nebraska, NCN News Panhandle, NCN News Platte Valley, NCN News Southeast Nebraska, Oldics 97.7, RFD TV, 96.9 The Bull, SNN News, Telemundo Lubbock, Weny News, Erie News Now, 1077.7 Yes FM, News OK, Marketplace, Minyanville, Malvern Daily Record, Sweetwater Reporter, My Mother Lode, Poteau Daily News, Decatur Daily Democrat, Deer Park Tribune, The Ridgway Record, Antlers American, Wapakoneta Daily News, Starkville Daily News, The Buffalo News, The Saline Courier, The Kane Republican, SM Daily Press, The Community Post, AZ Central Finance, The Evening Leader, One Observer News Enterprise, Fat Pitch Financials, Daily Times Leader, Post & Mail, Wall Street Select, Morning News, Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Mammoth Times, Big Spring Herald, Borger News-Herald, Carolina Reporter & News, Financial Content, Statesman Examiner, Menlo Park, Corte Madera, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek Guide, Daily City, Mill Valley, Livermore, Danville, Pleasanton, The Pilot NewsPlease note that these sites are subject to change without notice, and this list may not be updated to reflect the changes immediately.

Are the published backlinks follow or nofollow?

As per Google's best practice guidelines, we send them out as 'nofollow'.

How long will my article stay live on the news sites?

As with any news announcement, your article has a "shelf life" - the news gets "old". The time it stays on a website is determined by each news site, and we do not remove your press release at any time unless it violates our terms of service. Some news sites remove them after 2 years, some after 90 days. Some after a few days. Some host them indefinitely. The fact that you have been featured will always be true and you can proudly claim that as long as you like.

Will my published article be a blog article or a press release?

As we are publishing to our news network, they will be categorized as press releases.

Can I speak to someone on the phone?

You can contact one of our Founders, Adam at cannot facilitate sales calls as we have no salespeople (which is why we can price at such a low price instead of a PR agency charging $2,000 retainers).

Will this get me sales?

We don't guarantee any sales from the articles.The whole purpose of this service is to get you featured on the aforementioned networks, so you can use the 'As seen in' logos on your marketing materials.If you're looking for lots of new sales, you should contact an advertisement agency instead of a PR agency (which is what we are)

Will all of the articles on the news sites look the same?

Yes, we create one article to be used across all news sites.

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